Final Program - Central European Summer Time

Monday 7 June  

13.00 - Welcome period

14.00 Topic1. Complex fluids modeling  (Auditorium)
Chairs: Sascha Doering, ENI & Fadi Nader, IFPEN

14.10  CO2 from mantle to basin: example of South Atlantic margins
Victor Hugo Guimarães Pinto, Henrique B. Penteado, Krishna M. S. Silva, Cleriston F. Silva, Maria Anna A.A. Reis (Petrobras)

14.35  Exploring the process of TSR to constrain H2S in basin modeling: Insights from reactive transport modeling
Peng Lu, Pan Luo (Saudi Aramco), Wei Wei (Aramco, Asia)

15h00 /Predicting and assessing the risk of acid gas (CO2/H2S) in exploration
Nicolas Maurand , Xavier Guichet, Etienne Brosse, Isabelle Kowalewski, Marta Gasparini, Pierre Bachaud, Sylvie Wolf (IFPEN)

15.25   Poster Pitch & Break

16.00 Modeling petroleum migration using oil tracers: models and experiments to assess oil migration timing, distance and accumulation
Constantin Sandu (Aramco Americas), Khaled Arouri, Ibrahim Atwah (Saudi Aramco)

16.25 Topic 2. Gas modeling (generation and accumulation)
Chairs: Javed Ismail, Saudi Aramco & Nicolas Maurand, IFPEN

16.35 Modeling and quantifying the methane release as a result of rapid changes of the subsurface physical conditions: a transient trapping mechanism for natural gas systems
Constantin Sandu (Aramco America), Marek Kacewicz (Independent consultant)

17.00 Modeling thermogenic and biogenic reactions to calibrate gas compositions from the offshore Guajira Peninsula, Colombia
Carlos Pinto Fracalossi , Cleriston Ferreira Silva, Henrique Luiz de Barros Penteado, Roberto Carlos Rebelo da Cunha, Antonio Carlos Lira Pessoa (Petrobras), Claudia Maria Osorio Rincon,  Juan Carlos Mosquera Ramirez (Petrobras Colombia), André Luiz Durante Spigolon (Petrobras  Cenpes).

17.25 Group discussion

17.50 – 18h50 Poster Presentations (Main Hall)

Poster presentation Topic 1

  • A top-down basin analysis of the Montney hybrid play: what have we learned from 15 years of unconventional development
    Tristan Euzen (IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc.), Neil Watson (Enlighten Geoscience Ltd.)
  • Petroleum system modeling in a forearc setting, from the integration of the subduction cooling to the unstructured migration modeling, an example from the Talara basin
    Adriana Lemgruber-Traby (IFPEN), Nicolas Espurt (Cerege), Christine Souque, Isabel Calderon (PeruPetro). 

Poster presentations Topic 2

  • Integrated stratigraphic and thermal/Burial modeling of the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean region): Implications on thermogenic and biogenic petroleum systems assessment
    Fadi H. Nader, Nicolas Maurand (IFPEN), Nicolas Hawie, Samer Bou Daher (Beicip-Franlab)
  • Modeling biogenic gas generation and migration – Application on the Levantine Basin
    N. Maurand, A. Pujol, A. Ravin, S. Wolf (IFPEN), M. Dubille, P.-Y. Filleaudeau, B. Lebreuilly (Beicip-Franlab)

Tuesday 8 June

13.00 – Welcome period

14.00 Topic 3. Stress and pore pressure prediction (Auditorium)
Chairs: Johannes Wendenbourg, Total & Marie-Christine Cacas-Stentz, IFPEN

14.10 Coupling Petroleum System (PSM) and Geomechanical Modeling (GM): illustrative workflow to assess the impact of the stress field on the development of overpressure and natural fracturing
T. Cornu (Total), J. Berthelon, A. Brüch (IFPEN), R. Traby (Total), J. Frey, D. Colombo, A. Lemgruber-Traby, M.-C. Cacas-Stentz (IFPEN), C. Gout (Total)

14.35 Basin modeling for pore pressure: issues, applications and workflow to assist in well planning and execution
André Vayssaire (Repsol), Toby Harrold (P-TEN)

15.00 Effectively stressing stress in petroleum system modeling and pore pressure prediction
Ebbe Hvidegård Hartz (Aker BP), Daniel Walter Schmid (Geomodeling Solutions and University of Oslo)

15.25 Poster Pitch & Break

16.00 Integrating geomechanical restoration and forward modeling: applications, challenges and extension to 3D
A.J.L. Crook (Three Cliffs Geomechanical Analysis Ltd.), J. Obradors-Prats (Three Cliffs Geomechanical Analysis Ltd.), J. Yua, D.Barber (Chevron) , M.C. Cacas-Stentz (IFPEN), T. Cornu (Total), M. Kacewicz, P.Lovely (Chevron)

16.25  Pore pressure prediction using a regional basin modeling approach
Rainer Schmidt, Saleh Badawood and Javed Ismail (Saudi Aramco)

16.50 Group discussions 

17.15 – 18.15 Poster Presentations (Main Hall)

Poster presentations Topic 3

  • New perspectives to model fluid, temperature and stress transfers in faulted areas
    Laurent Astart (IFPEN), Cédric Borgese (Tessael), Daniele Colombo (IFPEN), Wan Chiu Li (Tessael), Jean-Luc Rudkiewicz, Françoise Willien (IFPEN)
  • Geometric and kinematic evolution of complex areas : contribution of physical analogue models to structural restoratio
    Sylvie Schueller, Jean-Marie Mengus, Lionel Menzer et Renaud Divies (IFPEN)
  • Papua New Guinea Petroleum Systems: Two case studies that illustrate the complexities of the evolving Foldbelt Play and the Frontier Offshore Petroleum System
    Pedro A. Restrepo-Pace (Oil Search Ltd), (Marie Callies Beicip-Franlab)

Wednesday 9 June

13.00 – Welcome period

14.00 Topic 4. Applications of Stratigraphic forward modeling (Auditorium)
Chairs: Daniel Herrera, BHP & Didier Granjeon, IFPEN

14.10 Source rocks occurrence & characterization through forward stratigraphic modeling
Cédric Pellan (Repsol)

14.35 Stratigraphic, early diagenetic and seismic forward modelling applied to the Natih Formation carbonates in Oman – an integrated approach to reduce uncertainty.
Youri Hamon, Didier Granjeon, Leo Agelas, Guillaume Enchery (IFPEN)

15.00. Geological process modeling of low permeabilities pre-salt carbonates of Santos Basin
Rodrigo B. Bunevich, Pedro Henrique S. Sales (Petrobras), Didier Granjeon (IFPEN), Olinto G. Souza Jr. (Petrobras)

15.25 Poster Pitch & Break

15.50 An Integrated Approach to Predicting Source Rock Properties from Seismic
Yang Zhang, Jessica Little, Ting Li, Jan Mathar, Fang Lin, Mingya Chen (Chevron)

16.15 Topic 5. Uncertainty quantification and management integrating machine learning
Chairs T5: Carlos Fracaloss, Petrobras & Cedric Pellan, Repsol

16.25 Recent developments for efficient risk analysis and model calibration
Véronique  Gervais, Didier Granjeon (IFPEN)

16.50 Building modern basin models: the necessity of holistic approach to model calibration, optimization and uncertainty in complex settings
Lorcan Kennan, Ronnie Schwede, Karin Warners, Claudius Buerger, Alessandro Frascati, Olivier Meuric, Olaf Podlaha (Shell)

17.15 Group Discussion 

17.40 – 18.40 Poster Presentations (Main Hall)

Poster presentation Topic 6

  • Coupling basin and reservoir models to simulate a CO2 storage in the Paris Basin
    Nicolas Maurand (IFPEN)
  • Use of basin modeling for the geothermal assessment of Los Humeros Volcanic Caldera System
    Adriana Lemgruber-Traby, Damien Bonté, Christine Souque (IFPEN)

Thursday 10

13.00 – Welcome period

14.00 Could artificial intelligence be the next technology leap forward of petroleum system modeling
 André Vayssaire (Repsol)

14.25 Topic 6. Evolving applications for basin modeling (Geothermal exploration, Subsurface storage – CCS) (Auditorium)
Chairs: Marek Kacewicz & Marie-Christine Cacas-Stentz, IFPEN

14.35 Thermicity and diachronism of South Atlantic rifted margins: a margin domain approach in 3D basin modeling from presalt Brazil
Johannes Wendebourg, Bruno David, Michael Denis (Total)

15.00 Reactive transport Modeling applied to CCS: a streamlined approach
Geloni Claudio, Ricci Simone, Castellani Stefano, Ortenzi Andrea, Idiomi Michela, Previde Massara Elisabetta, Consonni Alberto, Casali Piernatale (ENI)

15.25 Break

15.50 Petroleum system modeling to de-risk geothermal plays: Case studies from Eastern and Western Switzerland
Moscariello Andrea, Omodeo Salé Silvia, Meftah Emna (GE-RGBA group, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Geneva)

16.15 The Curie Point Depth (CPD) as a constraint for the crustal thermal modeling
Francesca Di Falco, Gianluca Gabbriellini (ENI

16.40 Modeling heat flow variations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Omer Aksu, Javed Ismail, Rainer Schmidt (Saudi Aramco

17.05 Group Discussion 

17.30 – 18.00 Final Concluding Statements